Mobility management

The entire mobility process in a customised International Office Pipeline and applicantĀ“s Workflow for outgoing and incoming students and professors, visiting professors, interns and staff.

Define your processes and let the system guide you through your daily workflow.


Mobility-Online supports the efficient and fully digitalised processing of applications. The application forms are user-defined, easily customisable and have a responsive design. Our users can create as many forms as they need.

Read more about online forms here:

Customisable Online Forms (PDF)


Mobility-Online also offers a great bonus feature - the portal where universities can present their partnerships, bilateral agreements, international cooperation, exchange programmes and study places for international students, as well as events or accommodation options. The portal also provides an overview of application deadlines and availability of places.

Universities can also provide experience questionnaires on the Internationalisation Portal to show potential applicants how some mobilities have been rated by peers.

Wondering how the portal supports going global? Visit the portal in our demo version.


Mobility-Online is equipped with dynamic and customisable working tools. The freely definable Workflow guides the applicant through his or her application and the entire mobility process. All to-dos are displayed in a clear list and can be done directly in the applicant's account (e.g. upload documents, book accommodation, add courses to the learning agreement, etc.).

The Pipeline is used to efficiently manage the work processes of the International Office. The Pipeline consists of interactive tasks and summary lists. A suitable step-by-step process facilitates the daily work in the International Office and helps to keep track of all mobility programmes.


Mobility-Online can be used to manage all types of mobility programmes, including the EU's Erasmus+ programme. The Mobility-Online system comes with pre-implemented pipelines for the management of exchange programmes for incoming and outgoing students and staff. Standard templates for Erasmus+ Learning Agreements are available in the system, users can export their data from Mobility-Online to the Beneficiary Module and perform other necessary actions.

For further information see Erasmus+ in Mobility-Online (PDF)



Transparent role management provides extensive personalisation options, allowing different user accounts to be perfectly tailored to their specific functions, allowing or restricting users' access to information.


Mobility-Online provides flexible data management. Our users can exchange their data with third party systems, add their own data fields to the tables or query data via online questionnaires. Mobility-Online also offers a general data catalogue with universities worldwide, ISCED codes and fields of study. This makes it easier to establish new partnerships.


Mobility-Online supports risk management and crisis response. Traveller data can be stored in a central database. This information is available at any time for quick queries.

In addition, all relevant documents can be made available for travellers to download. In the event of an emergency, it is easy to check whether anyone is at the affected location and to react according to the established procedure.


Additional features such as data export, favourites, notes, feedback management, customisable filters, quick search and upcoming contract overviews complete the interactive workspace.