Tailored for you: Start mastering new skills now


Skill Development
The Academy sessions offer a structured way to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, helping you stay competitive in your field.

Expert Knowledge
The sessions are designed and led by professionals who offer unique strategies and insightful approaches to the topics discussed.

Sessions provide opportunities to connect with peers, potentially leading to valuable professional connections.

Sessions offer certifications upon completion, which enhances credibility in the field of higher education.

Up-to-Date Information
Sessions incorporate the latest developments, ensuring access to current and relevant information.

Sessions equip attendees with problem-solving skills for tackling challenges more effectively.

Feedback and Support
Instructors provide feedback and support, helping you better understand the material and address any difficulties they encounter.

Boosted Confidence
As you master new skills and concepts, your confidence grows, leading to an overall sense of accomplishment.




The basic training program takes place twice a year in English, French and German.

This training serves as our introductory program and is perfect for those seeking to establish a strong foundation in their understanding of Mobility-Online. We offer the opportunity to learn the basics of Mobility-Online in a guided way.


Here we regularly offer classic topics - both for beginners and advanced learners. These topics are relevant and up-to-date and include, for example, "Mobility-Online in a Nutshell," "Pipeline and Workflow," "Scholarships," or "Report Generator."

The sessions are primarily held in English and consist of one or more sessions.


The Insights offer comprehensive information into specific aspects of Mobility-Online. The selection of topics is based on frequently asked questions, feedback from our customers after events, or functionalities that we consider particularly useful for our customers.

The sessions are primarily held in English.


Stay Tuned for Academy Enhancements

We're currently undertaking a thorough review and enhancement of our Mobility Online Academy to provide you with an enhanced training experience. During this time, our regular Academy sessions will be temporarily suspended and are expected to resume in September.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make the Academy even more useful to you. In the meantime, our team is ready to provide customized trainings to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for the exciting upgrades coming to the Mobility-Online Academy in September!


Our customized training solutions focus on your individual needs and interests to ensure excellent knowledge transfer.

Upon request, our project team will:

  • Collaborate with your team to identify your individual training needs
  • Design a customized training program
  • Conduct the training at our premises in Vienna (Austria), at your location, or online at standard rates.