EWP compliance

As required by the European Commission, 2021 has been set as a starting point for the gradual mandatory adoption of EWP requirements.
This page is designed for higher education institutions using the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network to facilitate the automatic exchange of institutional data, agreements and nominations with partner institutions in compliance with the EWP standards. It is intended for users of the Mobility-Online and Mobility-Connect solutions and for those who are in search of a suitable system.

Mobility-Online is a licence-based solution that facilitates data exchange between partner institutions and ensures seamless collaboration, regardless of the software used by the partner. With integrated EWP functionality, it provides automated functions for the efficient management of inter-institutional agreements (IIAs), digital learning agreements (DLAs) and other information required by the European Commission.

highly efficient and customizable tool

license based

covering all international
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Mobility-Connect is a free-of-charge solution for institutions that lack EWP functionality in their existing in-house or commercial tools. Our software automates the secure exchange of institutional master data, partner contacts, inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and applicant data. Mobility-Connect will continue to be developed in line with EWP requirements. We also offer a free start-up service of one hour of training or support.

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customizable tool

free of charge

covering partnerships and mobilities

Management of student and teacher mobility
Management of partnerships and agreements
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Fully integrated and ready-to-use EWP functionalities

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IIA Version 7.0 is obligatory for all providers. This update encompasses the following changes:

  • Adjustment of IIAs that have been mutually approved by both parties will be possible.
  • The use of four-digit ISCED 2013 codes will be mandatory, ensuring clarity and accuracy.
  • Language requirements must be specified for SMS and STA exchanges.
  • The possibility of terminating IIAs starting from a certain academic year will be introduced.
  • There is a new common standard for the deletion of IIAs that have not yet been approved.

For existing IIAs:

  • Mutually approved IIAs remain valid, changes are allowed but must comply with the V 7.0 standard.
  • IIAs that have not yet been mutually approved may require adjustments in order to complete the approval process.

All new IIAs initiated after the update to IIA V 7.0 will need to follow the new standards.

More information on IIA V 7.0 is also available on the European Commission's official website and in the latest Erasmus Goes Digital webinar on Youtube.