Accommodation Management

Mobility-Online also covers the area of accommodation management. As part of the housing placement, accommodation managers can assign applicants who expressed their interest in a place to stay to some available accommodation. All administrative tasks regarding accommodation management can be integrated into the interactive pipeline.

Alternatively, the applicants can view all offered dormitory rooms in their own accounts and reserve or book them directly.


Mobility-Online provides for the management of requests for accommodations. When filling out an online form, applicants can express interest in available accommodations, and those applicants are automatically listed in an accommodation’s manager pipeline. The manager can then process the requests accordingly. The process can be strengthened by automated emails with more information about the accommodation service and available spaces.


In the administrative user account, users manage all of the required data on accommodations and their amenities. A clear and practical view of all bookings is available along with the useful booking planner. Adding a new booking is only one click away.


Applicants can also search for accommodation directly in the system. Accommodation facilities can be filtered according to individual needs. For each offered accommodation, more information about available rooms is displayed. Additional information and photos of each accommodation facility and each room are also provided. The applicant can then either make a non-binding reservation or a direct, binding booking.


Mobility-Online offers integration with various online payment providers. PayPal, Saferpay, PayEx and Monetico online payments are already connected. Other methods can be implemented as well.

In the applicant´s account, the payment is displayed as one of the tasks in the Workflow. Administrators have real-time access to the payment information in the account immediately after the payment has been made.