Finance Management

The budget planner within Mobility-Online facilitates strategic financial planning and helps manage all budget-relevant data. Mobility-Online offers numerous tools for efficient grant / scholarship management. In addition, the software supports common e-payment platforms such as Saferpay or Paypal.

The export of financial reports to National Agencies or other authorities is also included.


Mobility-Online is equipped with a special budget planner for a customized, strategic financial planning. This budget planner is a tool for managing all budget-relevant data such as investors, cost centers, funding types, etc. The handling of budget contracts with the financial resources as well as the generation of detailed budget development and resource utilization reports is simple and transparent.


Mobility-Online contains numerous tools for efficient scholarship management. With the tools provided, it is easy to define scholarship amounts and calculation methods for each program and mobility type.  Scholarships are then calculated automatically based on the defined criteria. If needed, the system can recalculate the scholarships once the actual dates of stay become clear. A transparent overview of all paid scholarships is provided, as well.


Mobility-Online supports online payments: PayPal, Saferpay, PayEx and Monetico are already integrated. In the settings, the user can specify which of these methods should be preferred. If the above methods are not sufficient, other e-payment systems can be connected upon request.

Administrators can use Pipeline steps in accounts to track in real time who has paid the fees and who needs to be reminded.

Online payments can also be a part of the applicantĀ“s journey and implemented in the applicant's account as Workflow steps.

More on the topic is available here: Online Payment (PDF)


Like all the other reports in Mobility-Online, financial reports can be generated and saved for later use. Overviews of grants or scholarships, reports on the use of funds or payments can be created and used as required. In addition, reports can be visualized in the form of Dashboards and made available either publicly or restricted to the selected target group.