Mobility-Online facilitates the coordination of the entire admission process with customized interactive flows for all parties involved. The software helps with the recruitment of applicants and enables the online presentation of degree programs with Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs.

Users can collect all the necessary documents in electronic application folders and communicate efficiently with their applicants.


With the features available on the Mobility-Online landing page, hyperlinks can be placed to various application forms specifying the target group as well as other descriptions.

As soon as the degree seekers click on the provided link, they can see all available study places with information on each offered study option. The system uses green and red colours to distinguish between free and fully booked study places. More detailed information on the respective study place is provided under an information icon.

The online forms are customisable: the applicant can simply express his or her general interest in a degree programme, or complete all the details required to apply for a study place.

Test a demo application form for a Bachelor's degree programme here: Application form


An administrator oversees the entire recruitment and admissions process in an admin account, where all users have their own interactive list of tasks and overviews. In this account, users manage the data on study places.

Any information/documents can be added. This information can also be made visible to applicants in the portal.


Each degree seeker is given access to his or her own account in the software. The candidate is guided through the entire process step by step. The steps are set forth by each university.

Read more on the topic here: International Admission Management - Degree Seekers (PDF)