Medical University of Graz

"Although mobility programs are similar across the world, the administration and management varies a lot from institution to institution. Mobility Online is a great tool to map out processes, mainstream common steps, and individualize personal preferences of program coordinators/ administrators. As international relations officer without previous IT knowledge it takes time, willingness to acquire knowledge of the functionality of databases, and your employer's commitment to support this process, but once you are more familiar with it, Mobility Online really makes a difference by providing quick and structured information of each applicant's application status, document overview and next steps. It is an enormous advantage to have a team member that is "literate" in Mobility Online, who can create or adapt processes and quickly react to resolve easy bugs, but sometimes meeting up virtually with your SOP Project Manager to figure out challenging issues or discover new ways to solve a step is necessary and very helpful. Moreover, it is fun to work with Mobility Online!"