Why Placement-Online?

Well-engineered and profoundly tested technology

From the very beginning Placement-Online was designed as a pure web application. SOP’s more than 10 years (and 100 man-years) of experience has made Placement-Online one of the market-leading web-based software solutions for the management of international placement management. In other words, Placement-Online has been successfully tested in practice and continuously adjusted to the requirements of Higher Education Institution and consortia.

Fast and flexible implementation of customer requests

The company SOP is entirely owned by the two managing partners who are actively operating in the daily business. Hence, we are independent from any external influence, such as investors. We possess full decision-making power and are able to quickly react to any customer requests for further software development or adjustment. In a nutshell, we can proceed immediately in any matter without having to consult a third party first.

Transparent and simple price policy

With Placement-Online, you acquire a software solution which already comprises all functionality in its standard version. There are no different sale versions (e.g. basic, standard, premium) and no extra modules which have to be purchased separately. Moreover, a perpetual software license enables you to work with Placement-Online for an unlimited period of time. Thus, it is not necessary to renew your license annually.

Ideal support for your daily tasks and work processes

Thanks to an interactive to-do-list (workflow and pipeline tool), Placement-Online offers you the ideal support for organising and managing international mobilities and consortia. Benefit from a constant overview of your current deadlines and tasks and complete them directly online in the system. Placement-Online will enable you to enhance the efficiency of internal and external processes and thereby help you to save significant amounts of time and money!