• Track your correspondence
  • Send serial e-mail
  • Define e-mail/letter templates
  • Manage events and marketing
  • Connect to social media platforms


Communication and correspondence tracking are essential aspects of contact management. With Placement-Online, you can easily keep in touch with all your partners and applicants using practical and simple tools.

Create your own templates and use them to send serial e-mails to selected groups of recipients, have the system save the correspondence with connection to each recipient for you. Take your communication to a whole new level of cooperation.

Placement-Online supports your international marketing as well! Manage your events, and keep track of crucial confeĀ­rences and meetings. Upload necessary documents to store them in the system. Keep a list of current to-do tasks in Placement-Online to efficiently manage your time between meetings and international events. Connect to social networks to keep your followers updated on your current activities.