• Manage internship contracts
  • Support students in finding internships
  • Coordinate academic recognition of internships
  • Manage scholarships
  • Select applicants

Consortia management

Placement-Online offers the best possible support for the coordination of your national or international consortium. In order to facilitate the pooling of skills and resources of international universities and companies, Placement-Online offers efficient tools. Whether it is a university, a company or a research institution that coordinates the network - Placement-Online is the fitting software solution for your consortium.

Formal management

Manage internship agreements between Higher Education Institutions, companies as well as students or graduates. Guide your applicants through the process of finding and choosing suitable internship positions. For this, Placement-Online offers you a so called ‘online job exchange’ to edit, publish or send offers from your partners.

Advise applicants regarding insurance, residence or work permits. Coordinate the academic recognition of internships and support your interns in administrative, cultural or linguistic matters. Manage financial grants based on country groups or disability supplements.

Selecting your applicants

Placement-Online also provides the suitable tools to facilitate the selection process of your applicants. Check if submitted application documents are complete and meet the required criteria (e.g. necessary number of ECTS credits). Fulfil further tasks, such as issuing Grant Agreements or completing payment instructions (first/second instalments). Instruct students to complete questionnaires during or upon completion of their internship, fill in final reports or have them upload final documents.