Enhance your institution's online presence with Global-Connect's Internationalisation Portal.

A critical aspect of promoting any educational institution involves creating a compelling online presence. For International & Global Engagement Offices, this means keeping students, faculty, and partners informed about the university's existing international networks, partnership offerings for potential collaborators, available exchange and placement programs, and more.

Use the Global-Connect Internationalisation Portal - an integrated key component within our software. The portal dynamically reflects your current data managed in the internal administrator's account. This automatic synchronization ensures that your portal data stays up-to-date without the need for manual transfers.

The distinctive feature of the Internationalisation Portal lies in its capacity to function as a comprehensive display. Universities can spotlight partnerships, agreements, collaboration details, exchange programs, international student opportunities, and upcoming events.

Additionally, the portal provides a centralized view of application deadlines and place availability, offering a holistic and up-to-the-minute overview.

Elevate your online representation effortlessly with Global-Connect.