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Our success story

Our journey of collaboration with educational institutions commenced in 2002, marked by the inception of a software solution tailored for international exchange and budget management. Over time, our efforts expanded to encompass additional functionalities, such as placement software and an immersive portal facilitating the search for internships and work placements. A pivotal moment arrived in 2007 when we consolidated all these diverse capabilities into a singular, comprehensive product, effectively addressing the full spectrum of demands encountered by international offices. This comprehensive product bore the name Mobility-Online.

For 15 years, we have been continuously improving our software and developing new functionalities that reduce the amount of paperwork and manual work for staff in international offices. Our solutions actively contribute to the "EWP - Erasmus without Paper" project. In 2023, five Higher Education Institutions where Mobility-Online is being used have been selected by the European Commission as EWP Champions, which was awarded to institutions that play a prominent role in promoting EWP and the European Student Card initiative to all stakeholders.

Yet another significant stride in our journey towards paperless Erasmus management is the introduction of a cost-free platform called Mobility-Connect, facilitating EWP data exchange. This platform was specifically designed for smaller institutions that may not be utilizing EWP-compliant software.

Furthermore, our reach has transcended the borders of the European Union, leading to the inception of yet another groundbreaking product: Global-Online. This software offers a comprehensive solution for the meticulous management of international partnerships, agreements, and collaborative projects, further enriching our portfolio as we continue to pave the way for seamless global collaboration.



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