The academic year 2023/24 was marked by significant achievements and milestones for FH JOANNEUM, underscored by the university's exemplary use of Mobility-Online to coordinate and manage international mobility programs. 

As a leading university in Austria, FH JOANNEUM was awarded EWP Champion status in July 2023, recognizing its outstanding role in European higher education. This award highlights the university's ability to effectively organize mobility programs with Mobility-Online and support its students in the international environment.

Another highlight was the presentation of the Erasmus+ Award in the Higher Education category in December 2023, which acknowledged the sustainable impact of FH JOANNEUM's mobility projects. These projects significantly contribute to the development of both participants and their communities. The ceremony took place at the Urania building in Vienna, offering policymakers and key stakeholders an opportunity to express their recognition.

Furthermore, Wolfgang Horvath was honored as an Erasmus+ Ambassador for Higher Education in 2023. His personal commitment and dedication to the success of European programs make him a role model for exemplary leadership in internationality.

FH JOANNEUM reached another technological milestone in the summer semester of 2024 with the full implementation of staff mobility management in Mobility-Online. This platform enables efficient and transparent management of all the university's mobility programs, resulting in increased organizational efficiency and improved handling for both students and administration.

Additionally, in May 2024, FH JOANNEUM secured the second-highest Erasmus+ budget in Austria for the 2024 call, underlining its continued excellence and leading status in the field of European education programs.

Looking ahead to the academic year 2024/25, FH JOANNEUM anticipates a growing demand for short-term mobilities, particularly within the framework of Erasmus+ BIPs (Blended Intensive Programs). The aim is to increase the number of mobilities to a total of 1.000, further consolidating its position as a pioneer in international higher education.


These accomplishments and visionary projects highlight the strategic importance of Mobility-Online for FH JOANNEUM and underscore its commitment to promoting a global education landscape through innovative mobility solutions.




  • ERASMUS+ student mobility for studies and internships (incoming and outgoing)
  • ERASMUS+ staff mobility for teaching and staff training (outgoing)
  • ERASMUS+ Blended Intensive Programs (BIPs)
  • Non-Erasmus+ Programs:
    • Ernst Mach Scholarship
    • Free Mover
    • Joint Study
    • Swiss-European Mobility Programme
    • Marshall Plan Scholarship
    • Bilaterale AKTIONEN
    • Ceepus
  • 3000+ agreements
  • 350+ partnerships
  • Internship management
  • Budget management