Forward-looking education in the defence sector with the Vasil Levski National Military University

© Copyright: Vasil Levsky University

The year 2023 was concluded on a high note with our first cooperation in Bulgaria: the National Military University Vasil Levski.

With this university, we hope to set an example that other higher education institutions in the country can follow. The Vasil Levski National Military University is known for its rich history and commitment to educating leaders who apply scientific expertise in peace and crisis situations. It contributes to national and multinational projects in the fields of security, peacekeeping and community development. Established in 1878 and officially designated as a university in 1924, this institution is renowned for its dedication to educating accomplished leaders.

The University has a wide range of activities. These include the education of cadets, undergraduates and postgraduates, and the provision of professional development courses for military personnel. The University is active in scientific and applied research, publishing, information, culture and sport, creating a dynamic academic and military environment.

As part of our commitment to supporting educational institutions around the world, we are proud to contribute to the mission of the Vasil Levski National Military University. We look forward to a successful partnership that emphasizes the value and effectiveness of Mobility-Online. We look forward to becoming a leader in innovative digital solutions in Bulgaria, following in the footsteps of over 30 other countries around the world.