IIA Version 7.0 Release Coming Soon!

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The new IIA version 7.0 is a future-orientated update with many new features.

Imagine a world in which IIA administration is simpler, more efficient, and better customized to your needs. This is exactly what we are currently working on around the clock. We are now preparing for the launch of the new version of Mobility-Online, which will go live on April 1st. And that's what we can promise in advance: It will be a move towards the new future.

Version 7.0 will introduce a number of important new features that will take your IIA management to a new level:

Customization flexibility: Adjustment of IIAs that have been mutually approved by both parties will be possible.
Improved code standards: The use of four-digit ISCED 2013 codes will be mandatory, ensuring clarity and accuracy.
Language requirements: Language requirements must be specified for SMS and STA exchanges.
Simplified termination: The possibility of terminating IIAs starting from a certain academic year will be introduced.
Simplified deletion of IIAs: There is a new common standard for the deletion of IIAs that have not yet been approved.

This upgrade is mandatory, but don't worry, the transition will happen seamlessly in the background. Release 7.0 is also mandatory for all providers.

What does this mean for existing IIAs?

  • Mutually approved IIAs remain valid, changes are allowed but must comply with the V 7.0 standard.
  • IIAs that have not yet been mutually approved may require adjustments in order to complete the approval process.

All new IIAs initiated after the release of IIA V 7.0 must comply with the new standards.

For more details and insights, please visit the official website of the European Commission and watch the latest Erasmus Goes Digital webinar on YouTube.