SOP is more than a software development company - we are your partner in progress. Our mission is to lead the way in software development and implementation for universities, schools, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and IT services on a global scale. With a passion for IT that runs deep, we're dedicated to creating software solutions that are as flexible as your unique needs and expectations.

As your trusted IT service provider, we stand at the forefront of your digital journey. With decades of experience and unparalleled expertise, we are here to guide you, support you, and make your digital aspirations a reality. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals is committed to designing and implementing customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

SOP is not just three letters representing Software, Organization, and Project Management. These are the pillars of our work and have been the foundation of our success for many years.

We are more than a company; we are a dedicated team that's fully committed to your success. Welcome to SOP, where we are taking every step forward together.

Your vision, our expertise. Together, a step ahead.


As the Managing Director of SOP Hilmbauer & Mauberger GmbH, Johann Hilmbauer is responsible for the areas of Digital Education, the LBA - inventory management system, as well as the overall financial administration.

In the field of Digital Education, his primary focus is to lead the team in the development and implementation of innovative technology solutions in educational institutions.

As the department head and Key Account Manager for the LBA inventory management system, he maintains continuous communication with customers and collaborates closely with the team to ensure the ongoing development of the system.

In addition to these responsibilities, he holds the financial responsibility of the company. His understanding of financial and budgetary matters ensures that SOP achieves its financial goals and consistently maintains the right course.

In his role as Managing Director, Gerald Mauberger plays a pivotal role in leading the company's largest business segment: the digitization of higher education institutions.  From the company's office in Vienna, Austria, he oversees the day-to-day operations and development of this important division, which serves numerous clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

Gerald's unwavering commitment and effective leadership have been instrumental in facilitating the transition to paperless and sustainable management of exchange and study programs for more than 300 higher education institutions. With a strong focus on innovation and digital transformation, he and his dedicated team remain steadfast in empowering educational institutions to deliver seamless experiences to their extensive academic communities.

Always at the forefront of advancements, Gerald and his team are constantly exploring innovative solutions and technologies to enhance the digital landscape for higher education institutions around the world.


We take pride in our diverse and dynamic international team. We are a mix of cultures, with a variety of professional experiences and talents. Together, we foster innovation and collaboration, ensuring that every solution we create encompasses a versatile and adaptable perspective, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Higher Education Unit Administration Unit

Administration Unit

Patricia Schnell
Office & Event Manager
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Email: | Phone +43 (0) 505 29

Andrea R├╝cklinger
Human Resources
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Amela Ibrahimovic
Contracting & Invoicing
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