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Università della Svizzera italiana

"Since few years, we have seen our exchange numbers constantly increase. Managing students, academics, staff, agreements and data in general “in the old way” was not sustainable anymore both in terms of time and resources. After evaluating several solutions, we decided that Mobility Online was the perfect answer to our needs for digitalization of the processes for students’ exchange and for managing partnerships and institutional data in a professional way. There is pretty much nothing that the tool can’t do. Its flexibility and the constant development of new functionalities allowed us to implement the tool based on our own processes and needs, and at the same time we were able to find ways to simplify certain parts of the processes or to make them more efficient. Students appreciate the clarity of their Work Flow and they always have an overview of their application, what they need to do and by when. We, at the IRO, save quite a lot of time thanks to the automatization of the procedures. Furthermore, all documents are centralized, digital and easily accessible. Even though as a Swiss university we are not in the E+, we know that Mobility Online enables the connection to the E+ digital modules (such as DLA, IIA, etc). The responsive portal is a big plus of the tool, even though it requires additional implementation and data collection. It is important to point out that the tool can be complex; understanding the software and its many functionalities needs the adequate amount of time and dedication, so the support of the institution and enough resources are core for the success of the project. After 2 years, we can say that we are very satisfied with Mobility Online and one big thank you goes to our Project Manager, who has accompanied us in this journey with professionalism, great competence, patience, kindness and friendliness."